• 5月 31, 2022
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本文摘要:Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce company that has long connected US brands to Chinese suppliers, now wants to help sell goods to American consumers.长期以来为美国品牌与中国供应商牵线搭桥的中国电子商务企业阿里巴巴(Alibaba),如今期望协助商家将商品销售给美国消费者。

Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce company that has long connected US brands to Chinese suppliers, now wants to help sell goods to American consumers.长期以来为美国品牌与中国供应商牵线搭桥的中国电子商务企业阿里巴巴(Alibaba),如今期望协助商家将商品销售给美国消费者。The company, which is poised for an initial public offering that analysts say could value it at more than $100bn, announced yesterday that it would launch its first majority-owned ecommerce venture in the US.该公司昨日宣告,将在美国发售首个由其持有人多数股权的电子商务网站。阿里巴巴于是以计划展开首次公开发行(IPO),分析师回应,其估值有可能多达1000亿美元。

Two of Alibaba’s US subsidiaries, Vendio and Auctiva, will soon launch a business-to-consumer site, called 11 Main. Alibaba did not give further details about 11 Main beyond describing it as a boutique ecommerce platform selling “interesting quality products” from “handpicked shop owners”.阿里巴巴在美国的两家子公司Vendio和Auctiva将迅速发售一个企业对消费者网站“11 Main”。阿里巴巴回应,新的网站将是一个精品电子商务平台,销售来自“精选辑店主”的“富裕趣味的高质量产品”。除此之外,阿里巴巴没透漏更加多有关“11 Main”的细节。

The move is the latest by Alibaba to seek additional sources of growth. Alibaba’s sites control 80 per cent of China’s ecommerce, and revenues from those sites last quarter grew by more than half to $1.78bn, but the rate of growth has slowed since last year.此举是阿里巴巴谋求不断扩大业绩快速增长来源的近期措施。阿里巴巴旗下的网站掌控着中国80%的电子商务,上一季度,来自这些网站的收益快速增长逾一半,至17.8亿美元,但其增长速度自去年以来有所上升。

Earlier this week, it made an unsolicited bid to take private AutoNavi, in an all-cash deal that values the mapping company at $1.6bn.本周早些时候,阿里巴巴收到主动并购契约,企图将地图公司高德(AutoNavi)私有化,这一全现金并购对高德的估值为16亿美元。The deal would allow Alibaba to improve its mobile commerce capabilities. Alibaba is also expanding into wealth management services and taxi hailing apps in China.这笔交易将让阿里巴巴不断扩大其移动电子商务能力。在中国,阿里巴巴还在进占财富管理服务和微信应用于。

Alibaba now markets in the US mainly using Aliexpress, an English language website intended to connect US businesses with wholesalers in China. It operates mostly in emerging markets such as Russia, India, Chile and Brazil, but also in the US.阿里巴巴现在主要利用英文网站Aliexpress在美国展开点评,该网站致力于将美国企业与中国批发商联系一起。阿里巴巴的业务多数坐落于俄罗斯、印度、智利和巴西等新兴市场,但也还包括美国。

A person with knowledge of the 11 Main launch cautioned against portraying it as a foray by Alibaba into the US, saying that despite having full ownership the venture wouild be run independently by its two subsidiaries.理解“11 Main”正式成立过程的一位人士警告说道,不应将其叙述为阿里巴巴进占美国的行动,他回应,尽管新的网站由阿里巴巴全资所有,但将由其两家子公司独立国家运营。




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