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  • 6月 16, 2022
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本文摘要:Apple has reported a second consecutive quarter of falling iPhone sales, but the 15% drop was not as bad as analysts had feared.苹果公布报告称之为,iPhone的销售量已倒数两个财季下降,但上升15%这一数字推倒不像分析师们担忧的那么差劲。

Apple has reported a second consecutive quarter of falling iPhone sales, but the 15% drop was not as bad as analysts had feared.苹果公布报告称之为,iPhone的销售量已倒数两个财季下降,但上升15%这一数字推倒不像分析师们担忧的那么差劲。The US tech giant sold 40.4 million iPhones in its third quarter, slightly above forecasts of 40.02 million. Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the results reflected stronger customer demand… than we anticipated.这家美国科技巨头在第三财季销售了4040万部苹果iPhone手机,略高于预估的4002万部。苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克回应,这个结果体现了“比预期中更加强劲的客户市场需求”。

The firm said it expected sales to fall again in the fourth quarter to between $45.5bn and $47.5bn.该公司回应,预计第四财季销售额还不会上升,约在455亿美元和475亿美元之间。The iPhone makes up for around two-thirds of Apples sales and accounts for even more of its profits. The slowdown in iPhone sales sent profit down 27% in the three months to 25 June, while revenues fell 14.6% to $42.4bn.苹果公司三分之二的销售量来自iPhone手机,而它带给的利润占有着更高的份额。苹果手机销售量的上升,使6月25号之前三个月的利润上升了27%,收益暴跌14.6%,营收为424亿美元。Apples sales in Greater China – defined by the company as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan – plunged 33%. China accounts for almost a quarter of Apples sales, more than all of Europe combined.苹果在大中华区(由公司定义,还包括中国、香港和台湾)的销售额上升了33%。

其中中国大陆市场占有苹果销售额的四分之一,多达整个欧洲的总和。It is very clear that there are some signs of economic slowdown in China, and we will have to work through them. We understand China well and we remain very, very optimistic about the future there, said Apple chief financial officer Luca Maestri.苹果首席财务官卢卡·梅斯特里回应:“似乎有一些迹象指出中国的经济有下降,我们必需要处置好。我们理解中国,我们对于那里的市场依然十分十分寄予厚望,”Nonetheless, shares, which have fallen almost 20% over the past year, rose over 7% in after-hours trading because the firms overall performance was not as bad as analysts had expected.尽管现在的情况如此,在过去一年暴跌将近20%的苹果股价,在最近几个小时的交易中下跌了7%,这是因为公司的整体业绩并不像分析师预期的那样差劲。

Mr Maestri pointed to its services business, which includes the App Store, Apple Pay, iCloud and other services, as a bright spot. The division made nearly $6bn in revenue, up 18.9% from the same time last year, and is now the firms second-largest sales generator after the iPhone.梅斯特里认为,苹果的服务业务,还包括应用于商店,苹果缴纳,苹果云存储和其他服务是亮点。该部分的业务建构了6亿美元的收益,与去年同期相比下降18.9%,现在已沦为苹果公司次于iPhone手机的第二大销售来源。

The shift is good news for the firm because it allows it to make more money from its existing users.能从现有的用户那里赚更好的钱,这样的改变对公司毫无疑问是个有趣的消息。




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